Study Shows Young People Waiting Longer to Have Sex


We have great news for parents and/or horrible news for horny teens and middle-aged dudes who enjoy the company of barely legal chicks with daddy issues. A recent study conducted by the CDC concluded that people aged 15-24 are waiting longer to have sex than they were just a few years ago.

Of the 13,500 respondents, 25% said they had never had any sexual contact with another person. That number is up from 22% back in 2002. So it looks like the premise behind all of those “Where were these chicks when we were in high school?” jokes has just officially flown out the window.

But the news isn’t all prudish gloom and doom. If you’re looking for a silver lining, raging hormone infused youth of the nation, check out these results:

  • More than half of that group reported that they had engaged in oral sex prior to ever having vaginal intercourse. So that’s a nice change in the balance of power!
  • 57% of white youths admitted to having oral sex, as opposed to just 39% of African-American or Hispanic youths. Question: Is it still a stereotype if science proves it?
  • The percentage of women who claim to be bisexual was more than three times higher than men. Talk about a double edged sword!
  • Women who have had four or more sex partners are more likely to have had a female sex partner at some point. Shocking!

So, does anyone care to speculate as to why young people are waiting so long to have sex? Sure you would! Take to the comments section and provide your hypothesis! We’ll get you started. Our best guess — young people these days are goddamn lazy. When we were their age, we had to walk two miles through four feet of snow just to have sex!