Yes We Can… Use Obama to Get Our Rocks Off

obamarator_vibratorThere are those who love Obama, and there are those who really love Obama. For the latter, there is the Obamarator—a decidedly creepy vibrator that resembles a giant Obama PEZ dispenser (or, in this case, a PREZ dispenser). The Obamarator “personal stimulus package” costs $29.99, is waterproof and operates using two AA batteries. It also boasts multiple speeds, ranging from “conservative” to “extreme liberal.”

Obamarators are so popular that it is already too late to receive one in time for the holidays; however, if you are one of the few people who hadn’t been planning to give an Obama vibrator to everyone you know this Christmas (weirdo!), you can still order one for delivery in 2011. In addition, there are a host of Obamarator t-shirts, stickers, postcards and condoms to tide you over while you wait. We’re really hoping that Obama Girl already received one for free in the mail, because if anyone deserves to get some personal pleasure from a miniature Obama, it’s her.

We’re suprised that anyone would find it arousing to rub our Commander in Chief’s plastic noggin on their most sensitive parts, but clearly, a lot of people do. Politicians and sex have always seemed to go hand in hand, so perhaps politically themed sex toys are a market just waiting to be tapped. Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy presidential vibrators? Sarah Palin and Monica Lewinsky blow-up dolls? Those would undoubtedly sell like hotcakes—and don’t even get us started on all of the Congressional butt plugs and dildos that are just waiting to be made. We may very well have a potential goldmine on our hands.