Five Obscure Women You Loved in the 80′s (and What They Look Like Now)

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As perpetually teased as the decade may be, there was a lot of star power floating around in the 1980′s. While today we’re treated to the same rotating cast of four or five leading ladies, the 80′s saw seemingly unlimited numbers of hot women float in and out of the leading lady slot.

In other words, it was a good time to be an actress. In light of that, here’s a look at five women who you probably saw all the time and loved in the 80′s who never quite make the list when the hottest women of the decade debate flares up.

Kimberly Foster


What? You have no idea who the hell Kimberly Foster is, you say? How about “Cookie,” as in “Cookie from One Crazy Summer?” Cookie was the unattainable, prom queen bitch that was still hot despite all of her nagging and comparing your dick to the last quarterback she slept with from that one Ivy League school. Plus, how hot is a woman you can take to the movies who eats, like, everything in sight? Exactly.

What Kimberly’s Up to Today

Kimberly Foster today

After her awesome performance as Cookie, she moved on to daytime television where she became a staple on All My Children. And by “staple,” we mean “she was on the show for a year.” Her last television appearance was back in 1995, and she hasn’t done anything since – that we’re aware of – which might be just as well. No soap opera role could ever top Cookie, and it’d be stupid to even try.

Heather Langenkamp

Heather Langenkamp

This one you’re probably familiar with as the eighties’ answer to Jamie Lee Curtis. Heather Langenkamp played Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and later moved on to a virginal, seminal role of Marie in Just the Ten of Us. And keep in mind, we’re talking Nancy circa A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, not the first Nightmare on Elm Street where she wore awkward chinos and rocked bad eyebrows and frizzy hair (extra points for the almost-boob shot when Freddy pulls her underwater in her bathtub in the first movie though).

What Heather’s Up to Today

Heather Langenkamp today

Heather’s career never really took off after the NoES movies, but your grandmother probably recognizes her from that stint she had on JAG for a season. Our personal favorite after she was killed off in the third Freddy movie was her role reprisal in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare in 1994. That was creepy as all holy hell.

Jo Beth Williams

Jo Beth Williams

Yup, another eighties horror flick chick. This one, though, might be even hotter than Nancy – AKA Heather Langenkamp. You should remember her as the mom from Poltergeist. When she rolled around in that short nightie and white cotton panties in the first film, hearts (and, um, other things) soared and Williams’ popularity shot up overnight.

What Jo Beth’s Up to Today

Jo Beth Williams today

Jo Beth had some pretty big successes on popular television shows after Poltergeist like Private Practice, NCIS, Law & Order, Dexter, 24… on the whole, you could say that Jo Beth has been one of the more successful ones of the lot, and why not? She survived the Poltergeist franchise; we suppose she deserves it.

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner

We know, we know; today she sounds like a transvestite who’s not quite gotten his hormone shots to alter his voice yet, but that huskiness used to be one of the hottest things about Turner. Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile – need we say more? Plus, any woman who was cast opposite Michael Douglas in the eighties just had to be smoking hot. It was in his contract.

What Kathleen’s Up to Today

Kathleen Turner today

She’s done pretty well for herself, with appearances on Friends, and several leading roles in major motion pictures since her eighties sex symbol days. Of all the women listed, she’s definitely done the most to keep her career in order. At least something is holding up.

Jane Brucker

Jane Brucker

Here’s another totally random, completely obscure chick that, even if you Googled her, you still might not have figured out who she is. It’s Baby’s sister from Dirty Dancing. We would have included Baby herself on this list, but after she did what she did to that adorable nose of hers, it’s a no go.

But again, this particular number five is NOT ABOUT JENNIFER GREY. It’s about the raven-haired hot chick that played her boned-and-spurned sister, Lisa Houseman. Remember her mecca-lecca-hi-mecca-hiney-ho ditty she did for the talent show toward the end? The bikini top that accentuated her ample bosom and the tightly-wrapped sarong that you could have just… never mind all that now, but you get it. You remember Lisa Houseman. You know you do.

What Jane’s Up to These Days

Jane Brucker today

We’ll be honest, here – Jane’s been up to a whole lot of nothing. The highlight of her career post Dirty Dancing was a singular appearance on Ellen back in ‘98. She also played the part of “Kevin’s mom” in a 2006 movie called Dishdogz, which may or may not be a porno. We’re too lazy to do the necessary hours of Googling to find out.