Viral Outbreak: Trashing McDonald’s Has Officially Become an Epidemic


Wow, it seems like just a couple weeks ago that a video of women tearing a McDonald’s right the hell up was making the rounds on the internet. It probably seems that way because it was just a few weeks ago.

And now, we have a copycat crime on our hands. We’re not sure exactly what sparked this kind of outrage, but somebody really wants the “bitch” responsible for it to be fired.

Before you watch the video, we’d like to clear something up. Yes, the women in this video (and the video that circulated a few weeks ago) are black. This being the internet, the racists have turned out in droves to leave their ignorant comments on the matter, one going so far as to say that “you never see the whites or Asians doing stuff like this.” So, for any backwoods racist fucksticks who might watch this video and find yourself compelled to leave a comment along those same lines, we’d like to remind you that this happened just last year. Crazy comes in all colors, people.

Now, let’s get ready to rumble…