“Far Cry 3″ Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Vacation

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

Can’t afford the all-inclusive club prices but dying to get away to some place sunny and tropical this winter? Get your ass gaming. ”Far Cry 3″ brings the tropics and all the positives of a beach vacation right into your living room. The beautiful vistas, the secluded beaches, the fascinating wildlife, even better it has none of the awful food you get sick of by day two and way more gun-toting pirates, man-eating sharks and things that go BOOM! Sure you’ve escaped captivity and now have to rescue your friends, but hey, that’s what vacation time is for.


1. Outdoor Activies

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

What to hang glide? No worries, there are hang gliders conveniently scattered across the island just waiting for you, free of charge. Want to zipline? Not only can you zipline all over this island, you can shoot at pirates or wild game while you do it.

Oh, what’s that? You’re into free diving, you say? Perfect, you can free dive for a treasure chest and lost relics — just watch out for crocodiles. Plus there’s jet skiing and four-wheeling without any of the usual safety precautions like life jackets or helmets and none of the restrictions on where you can venture, off-road, over waterfalls, it’s an unsupervised do-as-you-please free-for-all.

2. Excursions

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

Every club offers excursions, but how about a shark-hunting excursion? Is that excursion-y enough for ya? True fact, in this game you get to hunt sharks! Sharks! Has this ever been done before? Unloading on a shark with an AK and then diving underwater to skin the sucker is an experience no SuperClub will offer you, but “Far Cry 3″ doesn’t end there. You can hunt protected species like leopards and tigers, even komodo dragons!

Word of warning though, these predators will flip the game on you, turn hunter into hunted so keep you eyes and ears open because they bounce.

3. Countryside Tours

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

There are dozens of cars on the island you can just hop in and take for a spin. Jeeps, trucks, beat-up old soviet-era Ladas, even dune buggies all at your disposal, sure the roads aren’t so smooth, but off-roading is a breeze without all the insurance forms to fill out. Plus, there’s great island music on the radio to groove to places like Badtown to.

That’s right — there’s a place called Badtown on this island, so you know it’s where you get the good stuff. Badtown is swimming with loose women who will silicate you, and unsavory characters who offer assistance… at a price.


3. Firing Ranges

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

Your average all-inclusive won’t even offer you free green fees, but on the “Far Cry 3″ island there are dozens of weapons you’re encouraged to learn how to use. The local villagers, “the Rakyat” are only too happy to teach you the in and outs killing pirates with everything from their own knife to sniper rifles to RPG launchers and from stealthy silent attacks to full on explosive ambushes, by the time they finish running you through their “Trails of Rakyat” you’ll be a lean, mean, pirate-killing machine.

4. Exploring the Island’s Past

Why "Far Cry 3" Is Better (and Cheaper) Than a Beach Vacation

Maybe you’re a history buff, or probably you’re an archaeologist and you enjoy spending some vacation time catching up on an island’s past. “Far Cry 3″ has you covered there, too. Whether exploring ancient Chinese pagodas, moss-covered, monkey-infested ruins, or abandoned Japanese WWII bunkers, history comes alive when you’re searching out artifacts for the ruthless privateers or hunting down mythical beasts in underground rivers, there are secrets waiting to be discovered all over this island, in every cave, every old mine, and behind every waterfall.

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