Viral Outbreak: Wendi Deng Will Let No Pie Sully Her Man

wendi deng

The once seemingly invincible Rupert Murdoch is having a tough go of things lately. First, he came under fire after it was revealed that a newspaper he owns had been hacking the voice mail accounts of everyone from politicians to murder victims. Then, he was called to testify about the whole fiasco just to make sure, you know, he hasn’t just gone ahead and hacked everyone’s voice mail account, among other things. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

As Murdoch was sitting there taking his government issue verbal beat down, a spectator approached and attempted to hurl a pie at the million-year-old media mogul’s grill. But Rupert Murdoch’s wife, the still ridiculously sexy Wendi Deng, was having none of it. Before the projectile could even leave its intended target’s hand, she was up and slapping the shit out of the dude.

Rupert Murdoch may engage in some shady dealings, but damn if you don’t have to respect his ability to pick a wife.