Nine Strange Videos of Hair Removal Products In Action


Hair removal. You shave your back. She waxes her pubes. This is the story of our lives. Whether you’re shaving your balls for her or getting a Brazilian for him, you are likely contorting yourself into awkward positions and screaming in agony in order to become less hairy.

Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best videos in the category of hair removal.

Who says bald chicks don’t have more fun?

How to Shave Dem Balls

Really, there is no more pressing issue on the minds of American men today than: What is the best way to shave my balls? Or, in the words of YouTube operator FreeDeezNutz, your “baaalllllzzzzz.” Why would you want to shave your balls, you ask? “Because the ladies don’t like hairy balllzzz.” Research says.

Sure, there’s something uncomfortable about watching a naked guy shave his balls, but this video should be an informercial on late-night TV, dammit. FreeDeezNutz could make a killing with a Shave Yo Ballz kit.

Your Hairy Back Is a Billboard

There’s actually a name for this: “backvertising.” If you’re one of those guys who gets confused with a bear rug every time you lie on the floor, you could be overlooking serious revenue-generating opportunities by virtue of your back hair.

Here, a really furry dude functions as a walking hairboard for Parissa Wax Strips. As a result, he bonds with hot chicks and gets looked at like a freak. Well, you can’t win them all in the game of backvertising.

Tyra Banks Wants to Shave Your Eyebrows

Supermodel Tyra Banks likes to exploit the people who appear on her show. In this case, a naive young women submits to Banks’ charms, only to have her eyebrows shaved off with a pair of clippers.

Banks claims this is a “trend.” If it is, we declare it “gross.”

Bird’s-Eye Bikini Wax Bonanza

Whoever had the idea of installing a video camera over the bikini waxing table was a damn genius. While you think you’re going to get a parade of women experiencing hair removal, what you get is more like a strange porn movie.

“Will it be painful?” one woman asks. To have hot wax applied to your crotch and ripped off along with all your pubic hair? Yes.

Duuude, How’d You Do That?

Hey, man, if you’re looking to get off the streets of Portland, stop panhandling, and get a real job, you’re going to need to shave off your hippie beard and take a bath.

After that, you might have a flashback in which all your hair grows back by way of a reverse time machine. It’ll be awesome!

GloZell Waxes Her Armpits

Meet GloZell. It’s Saturday, and she is bored. Thankfully, GloZell entertains herself by waxing herself on YouTube. Clearly, there is no shame in GloZell’s game. Armpits? Check. Ladystache? You bet.

Things go terribly wrong when GloZell loses her nerve. Someone give this woman a TV show.

My Barber Shop, My Garbage Can

The Army isn’t the best place to get a haircut. You ask to keep some length; they take it all off. You want sideburns; they say no. But they sure know how to do the low-budget barber shop. With a pair of clippers and a garbage can, any private can get a shearing that will make him look like every other guy in the Army. Which is the point.

Shaved Pussy Is Unhappy

Not all shaved pussies are happy pussies.

Girl Loses Bet, Girl Goes Bald

One of the great things about the internet is that if you have a fetish for it, someone is doing it. This girl lost a bet, apparently, and she is paying for it by getting turned into Natalie Portman in “V for Vendetta.”

Bonus: she changes bras midway through.