A Roundup of the Best April Fool’s Day Website Pranks

google motion

We missed the April Fool’s boat here at TSJ, maybe we’ll get you next year. But that doesn’t mean some of our competition didn’t get in on the act.

Here are some of the best April Fools Day pranks from around the internet today. At least we think they’re pranks, anyway.

Holy Taco Goes Feminist

holy taco

We’re on the fence here. We’ve been fans of the Taco for quite some time, and their lineup of posts today has all the makings of a great April Fools Day prank. A Gloria Steinem gallery? A list of the best undergarments for burning? The 25 most powerful womyn? It strikes us as a bit suspect.

But we could be wrong. Maybe they’re just a bunch of pussies!

Check it out: holytaco.com

AskMen Launches a Better Smelling Site


This is another one we weren’t too sure about. It seems completely ridiculous, but we didn’t have time to investigate though, so we could just be jerks who don’t understand the technology that goes into making a really great smelling website. We doubt it though.

Check it out: askmen.com

Hulu Goes Retro


This one is far less mysterious. Hulu is definitely pulling a fast one by littering their home page with nothing but videos that hearken back to the 1990′s, complete with blinking animated GIFS and episodes of the X-Files. It’s pretty damn brilliant.

Check it out: hulu.com

FunnyOrDie Goes Black


God love FunnyOrDie.com. In honor of April Fool’s Day, they’ve devoted their entire homepage to viral video phenomenon Rebecca Black and her so-awful-it’s-awesome hit song “Friday.”

Check it out: funnyordie.com

Google Introduces Gmail Motion Beta

google motion

But the big winner of today’s internet prank wars has to be Google. How many tech nerds do you think shit their pants with excitement this morning upon learning that Google had integrated motion technology into Gmail? If any of them saw the above chart of motion actions that could now be used with Gmail and still “downloaded” the new add on, they should be banned from ever using any technology ever again.

Good one, Google. You win.