Viral Outbreak: 24 Wack Bitches


Do you remember that song on Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album called “22 Twos”? The song earned that title because Jay-Z said the word “two” (spelling may vary) 22 different times in that one song. It was a pretty neat trick, but really it’s the kind of thing you just need to hear someone do once.

But now you’re about to hear it for a second time, except this time it’s awful and instead of the word “two” it’s the word “bitch” that’s getting beat to death. We counted 24 “bitches” but we were also watching Sports Center at the time and got briefly distracted by a Subway commercial. And we just feel like we should mention again, this shit is awful.

We lucked out in that we don’t ever get to see the young wordsmith’s face in this video, because it would be really shitty of us to make fun of a fat kid in a wheel chair who talks using one of those high tech Stephen Hawking contraptions. At least we hope that’s why this song sounds the way it does. Otherwise, we have no idea how this type of thing happens.

Watch the video, and then you bitches get to liking our posts and status everyday.