Viral Outbreak: The Definition of Adding Insult to Injury

There is a whole lot going on in this video that would be cause for shame. First of all, the guy on the stretcher plays soccer, a sport that science has confirmed is only acceptable to participate in if you’re a high school chick. To make matters worse, he’s apparently suffered some sort of heinous injury, which is always embarrassing. And then there’s that third world quality stretcher that he’s being hauled off on. Why not just tie a few sticks together with a ball of twine?

But all of that pales in comparison to the treatment he receives from the medical personnel responsible for dragging his barely breathing carcass off the field so the rest of the players can continue running around aimlessly for an hour or so, pausing only to score the one goal that will likely decide the game. Not only does the guy manning the stretcher stop just short of sitting on this poor guy’s face, he follows that up by successfully sitting on the guy’s face.

And after all that, he’s got the nerve to give the camera a thumbs up. What a dick.