Video Dump: The Best of the Worst Katy Perry Covers

Video Dump: Worst Katy Perry Covers

Like a monkey shopping for stylish sofas in a Scandinavian furniture store, the video of Yoko Ono covering Katy Perry swarmed our screens this week. It was some Internet infestation out of a Michael Crichton page-turner. And even if we all know by now that Ms. YOLO Ono wasn’t really doing this “Firework” cover herself (WHAT), it did inspire us over here. And we went to the desert on a vision quest and we suffered out there in the sun for a while, but we’d do anything — ANYTHING — do get you all the best of the worst Katy Perry covers out there.

They came to us in a dream, and here they are. From the hilarious to the embarrassing, to the I like these Ukrainians circa 2009 more than I should, here are our top picks.

The I-wish-this-was-real Yoko Ono “Firework”

Ukrainians Los Colorados “Hot & Cold”

“Hot & Cold”


4-handed Bro Love “Firework”