Video Dump: When Reporters Get Real…

If people walked around and acted like caricutures of human beings, most likely they would all sound and look like news reporters.. or William Shatner.  While we may never know why they feel the need to put on a  larger than life persona when reporting a local girl scout event, we do know that reporters aren’t perfect.  Sometimes, behind that disturbingly bright veneer smile, a reporter’s clumsy, grumpy, insecure real self occasionally peeks its head out to the real world.  It is to that wonderful moment that we dedicate this video dump.

Bugged out 

The sassy weatherman vs. the roach

Cloudy with a 100 percent chance of tourettes

No really, go on–don’t worry about my shattered hip

Huh? Wha… no I wasn’t sleeppinzzzz

Our new hero