Video Dump: Commercials Worth Watching

Advertisers will go to great lengths to make unforgettable commercials by using celebrities, talking babies, half naked models and enough money to feed a third world country for a year, just to catch our attention. But it seems like the bigger, louder and more complicated these commercials get, the more the public is unimpressed and quick to hit the fast forward button.

The commercials below used none of those things and probably took all of about 30 dollars to make, which was just enough to make them bad ass and have all the other advertisers bow down to their brilliance.

A mobile home sales commercial Clint Eastwood would be proud of

Our Blades are F*ckin great!

Need a Prius and a Pap Smear? This is the guy for you!

The funkiest furniture in town! We mean that in a good way…

Bankrupt Dollar store! It’s a fake commercial, but so enjoyable, it actually makes you want to go to a Dollar Store ,