Video Dump: The Teachings of Kat Williams

There are a ton of funny comedians out there but none of them break it down quite like Kat Williams. Kat Williams is a multi-talented performer. Besides being a comedian, he’s also a rapper and an actor. Best known for his role as “Money Mike” from Friday After Next and being part of Nick Cannon’s MTV improve show, Wild N’ Out.  However, none of his acting roles can compare to Kat Williams being Kat Williams on the comedy stage.

If telling it like it is was a community college course you signed up for, Kat Williams would be the teacher you gave your 25 dollars to so you could attend his class.  Luckily, TSJ has gathered up some of Kat’s thoughts on life for you to watch, free of charge.

Kat Williams on school

Kat Williams on Chinese people

Kat William on steroids

Kat Williams on club dance

Kat William on war

Kat Williams on white friends