Video Dump: The Perils of Stage Diving

Ideally, a perfectly executed stage jump would be to get a good head start run from the stage, jump with an ample amount of air and land into a sea of welcoming hands. But since there’s nothing really ideal about a stage dive, consequently, stage dive fails happen. And they happen often. All it takes is one overly excited person who delude themselves into thinking that the moment requires a stage dive into a sea of not so overly excited people. The lesson here kids is, unless you’re Beyonce (ie: a person famous enough that people actually want to get their hands on them) the probability of a stage dive turning into a stage fail increases greatly.

Take heed and let these videos be your warning.

At least the grass was there to catch him

Stage flop

And the crowd goes mild

Stage dive oops

Stage diving into the black hole

Not part of the band? No catch for you

Stage… hop?