Video Dump: The Most Barf-inducing People of “Hoarders”

We all have a little or a lot of slob in us. Whether it’s leaving dirty dishes in the living room or a having a discernible mountain of clean vs. dirty laundry taking up the corner of our bedroom, it’s normal to be a little sloppy about your living space from time to time.  A hoarder however, takes the ‘little’ out of that equation and replaces it with ‘WTF.”  The show Hoarders takes a peek at people who have the inability to clean or throw anything away. From old CDs, fast food bags, cat poop or, in one case, dirty adult diapers, these hoarders have let their trash take over their lives.

Here are six videos of extremely disgusting hoarders that’ll make you want to clean your own house from top to bottom with a toothbrush.



Bob’s OCD hoarder

Maggots in the coffee pot

Slowly caving in (the slow motion bikini model version)