Video Dump: The Best of “In Living Color”

In the 1990s, a sketch comedy show was created from the minds of brothers, Keenan and Damon Wayans called In Living Color, and it quickly became the hipper and more cutting edge alternative to Saturday Night Live.  Unfortunately, due to over-censoring from the network, the show only lasted about four years. But in those four years, the show helped launch the careers of Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, and it also introduced a wonderful thing called The Fly Girls into our living rooms every week (a posse the then-unknown Jennifer Lopez was part of) But more importantly, In Living Color gave us some unforgettable, laugh-out-loud characters and sketches that are funny even today.

Here are six videos that’s just a small taste of the genius that was In Living Color.

Men on Films

Fire Marshall Bill at the Magic Show

Wanda on The Dating Game

Cephus and Reesie Christmas Album

The Juice Man

Vera DeMilo Workout