Video Dump: The Best of Funny Girl, Abby Elliot’s, “The Assistant”

Abby Elliott, adorable funnywoman, is her family’s third generation Saturday Night Live alum. (What am I — I’m second generation next-to-nothing.) Elliott, who joined the cast in 2008, following Amy Poehler’s departure, was known as much for her kickass impressions of Zooey Deschanel and Angelina Jolie as she was for her cue-card read-throughs.

Although she left SNL in 2012, her “Assistant” sketches live on, as well they should. Thanks YouTube, for your elephantine memory!

Here are some classic Abby on Abby vids.

The Assistant Episode 1: The Interviews

The Assistant: Girls Night

The Assistant: The Surprise Party

The Assistant: Home Sick

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