Video Dump: The Best of “Friends” Blooper Reels

Who would’ve thought that a simple concept of a show that revolved around a group of friends in Manhattan could turn into one of the funniest, most watched sitcoms of all time. Everyone has watched at least one episode of Friends. In fact, there’s probably quite a few of us that have watched a Friends rerun at least once this week. It was brilliantly written show, with a top-notch ensemble cast and so many hilarious moments, quotes and episodes, that it’s no surprise that Friends won a ton of awards and had 63 Emmy nominations during its ten year run.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, here are six Friends blooper videos that will have you laughing as hard, if not harder, than the actual show.

Friends Bloopers, Seasons 8 and 9

Friends Bloopers 1

Friends Bloopers 2

Friends Bloopers 3

Friends Bloopers, Season 10

Friends Bloopers, Season 10, Part 2

The Best of Friends Bloopers