Video Dump: The Best of “Ask a Mortician”

Queen of all things death, Caitlin Doughty, answers her viewers’ most curious Qs. Like do corpses shit themselves and can caskets explode and what is a bog body?

Pretend the malls aren’t queuing up the Christmas tuneage already and get one last dash of All Hallows spooks.

Ask a Mortician: Corpse Poo

“It’s not universal: It’s not like you walk towards the white light, and then defecate.”

Ask a Mortician: Exploding Caskets

“Just putting the FACT in putreFACTion.”

Ask a Mortician: Bone Grinding

“Beast! Look upon your own mortality!”

Ask a Mortician: Decomposition

“The house that decomposition built.”

Ask a Mortician: Cremated Remains Chocolate Cake

“Can you hear the crunching?”

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