Video Dump: DC Comics Carved Better Jack-O-Lanterns Than You Did

So by now your pumpkin’s all sogging off your porch, or if you’re lucky, a bunch of hooligan teens who’ve never even heard of John Hughes have busted its guts all over your quiet little cul-de-sac. But you know what? It wasn’t the most awesome Jack-O-Lantern to begin with, probably.

Have yourself a helping of Jack-O-Lantern envy.¬†Check out this week’s kickass pumpkin-sculpture things of The Joker and Two-Face from our friends over at DC Comics. We’ve got two time-lapse videos showcasing the work of artist Andy Bergholtz slicing up some gourds into super villains.

We didn’t even know you could DO that.

Sculpting the Joker

Sculpting Two-Face