Video Dump: Can I Get a Witness? Legendary Eyewitnesses Who Made the News Awesome

Usually, the news takes the day’s events and tragedies and turns it all into a big bowl of  bland, matter-of-fact, oatmeal that can easily be digested by the public in an hour, leaving us all fully informed and slightly depressed.  But sometimes, we get treated to some unexpected flavor when field newscasters let in a nut or two in the form of eyewitnesses.  It happens so rarely that these eyewitnesses overshadow the actual news story they were supposed to be telling and become the stuff of legends.

Here are 5 legendary eyewitness footage that added a whole lot of flavor to our lives.

Greatest car crash story ever.

Sweet Brown ain’t got no time for bronchitis!!

Ignore the man behind the mud mask…

Her daddy taught her good!

Pitted.. so pitted. WAPAAH!