Video Dump: Black Friday Shopping Hilarity

Video Dump: Black Friday Shopping Hilarity

Didja get yourself a Black Friday bonanza steal? Was it worth buttoning up your post-Thanksgiving gut into some trousers and getting smooshed by the throngs of shoppers cramming up your personal space’s ass? Yes? How nice for you, then. Your new Apple TV is probably the bomb.

The term “Black Friday” was coined back in 1966 by the Philadelphia Police Department because the day sucked so bad for them. Major traffic jams, over-crowded sidewalks, people acting more freaky than zombies hopped up on bath salts, etc.

Here are five videos featuring Black Friday madness of times past, or some low-down on the how-to manage the Black Friday madness, or raise the stakes on the Black Friday shopping crazies.

It’s probably a better idea to watch these than to venture out.

Black Friday Disasters Supercut

Black Friday Shopping Prank

Fights, Riots: 2011 Black Friday Compilation

How to Be Funny Tip #59: Black Friday — “I’m a Bleeder!”

“Zack and Miri” + Black Friday