Video Dump: Basketball Dunks Gone Wrong

When you visualize dunking a basketball, you picture yourself flying through the air like an eagle while you gracefully lead the ball to the basket. You hear the sweet “whoosh” sound of the ball catching nothing but net right before you make an effortless landing amidst the roar of the crowd. ¬†However, the only time it ever happens that wonderfully is if you’re a professional basketball player or Michael Jordan on any given day. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t even come close to that dream, let alone the basket.

Here’s 6 videos of people who believed they could fly, but gravity begged to differ.

No net, all chair… and concrete

Make it rain… glass

This set women’s sports back a couple notches

White boy can’t dunk, but he can fall pretty good

Show off fail

Dunk fail-o-rama