Video Dump: Autotune Just Wants to be Lo-ov-ed by Yo-ou -Tube

AUTOTUNE GETS SUCH A BAD RAP IN MUSIC for allowing every untalented wanna-be singer to even the playing field with Autotune’s musical witchcraft of making the horrible into bearable, if not enjoyably listenable. And while Autotune IS pretty awful in terms of taking the art away from singing, it does have its place in the world and that place seems to be YouTube. Some of the most outrageous pop culture/YouTube sensations have been brilliantly Autotuned so that we enjoy their ridiculousness in a whole other way (while shaking our groove thang).

Here are five YouTube videos made all the better by Autotune.

‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’

‘My entire life..’

‘Backin’ up, backin’ up!’