Video Dump: Aliens, So Not Camera Ready

The debate about life on other planets have been going on for a while. There are those who believe we are not alone and those who think those people are smoking from a seriously huge bong.  Over the years, there has been U.F.O. sightings caught on tape from all over the world.  But lately, our unidentified visitors have taken to getting off their spaceship and of course, we’ve got that on tape too.  Skeptics challenge that if we are indeed not alone, why haven’t the aliens  tried to communicate with us in some manner beyond a vague crop circle?  TSJ thinks that maybe they have been trying to communicate with us, but they’re just going about it the wrong way.  As advanced as these creatures supposedly are, they need to look  into possibly investing in a PR team and a much needed stylist.

Here are 6 videos of aliens, possibly trying to bridge the gap between our worlds, but only succeeding in freaking everyone out.

Alien sighting on night vision camera

Brazilian alien captured and caught on tape

Alien night creature

Aliens caught on tape

Alien footage by Stan Romanek

Hybrid alien creature

Gray alien filmed by KGB