Video Dump: 6 Unbelievably Awful Music Videos

We know that the list of horrible music videos would probably take an entire week for us to publish, with Nicki Minaj barfing up her lyrics while humping a purple horse or Pitbull pointing at the camera in his one and only white suit, screaming “DALE!”every five minutes, the list would be never ending.

But you don’t have that kind of time and neither do we, so for maximum efficiency, we chose music videos that went above and beyond awful. Terrible doesn’t begin to describe the musical mess that was captured in video form. As far as we know, it hasn’t caused any psychological damage to anyone like you think it would but then again it has only been 24 hours. If for some reason we start humming one of these songs, call 9-1-1 immediately and tell them to bring lots of heavy drugs.

Here’s six “music videos” that you’ll never believe actually happened and yet somehow did.

“Losing You”

“Lemme Smell Yo Dick”

“Electronik Supersonik”


“Wally’s World”

“Come on Back”