An Unsecured Wireless Router Is a Great Way to Get Labeled as a Pedophile


Setting up a password for your wireless router isn’t especially difficult, but it does take a scant amount of extra work. So, people being the lazy sacks that they are, it’s a step that often gets skipped over. Depending on how many neighbors you have, there’s an excellent chance that, if you were to fire up your computer and attempt to connect to a Wi-Fi network right now, you’d see at least one unsecured network just waiting to be leeched off of by whatever rapscallion happens to be in range and in need of some free Internet.

But getting off with just a temporarily slowed connection while some lunkhead checks their Facebook page should be the least of your worries if you’re one of those brave souls who still leaves their Wi-Fi naked to the world. A Buffalo, New York resident was recently awakened by the soothing sounds of a team of federal agents kicking his door down and arresting him at gunpoint. He didn’t actually commit any crimes, but the person who hopped on the new wireless router the man purchased the previous day but gave up trying to password protect in a fit of frustration certainly did. The realization that leaving his router unprotected was a horrible idea finally dawned on the New York resident as agents stood over him shouting the word “pedophile” and informing him that he downloaded thousands of child porn images at 11:30pm the previous night.

Cue the panic shits! He was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, but only after agents seized his laptop and every iPhone and iPad in the house to scour it for evidence of kiddie porn. Setting up a password may be a hassle, but we suspect having your stuff seized and searched by the feds is slightly more annoying.

And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. A Sarasota, Florida man earned an unannounced drop in from the FBI after a man docked a boat at a marina near his home, used a potato chip can as a signal booster and proceeded to download 10 million child porn images. TEN MILLION! What kind of hard drive was his computer packing?

Honestly, we don’t want to know. And you probably don’t either, that’s why, if you’re currently sporting a Wi-Fi router with no password protection, you should fix that shit up post-haste. Read more about what you can do to protect yourself and your good name as a person who doesn’t illegally transmit child porn at