TSJ Talks to Musician Ben Burgess

TSJ RINGS UP MUSICIAN Ben Burgess, and the convo covers the basics: Burgess’ new single, Bukowski, guns, and porn.

Ben Burgess: Hey Melissa Bull! What’s up, how you doin?

The Smoking Jacket: Hey, Ben. I’m good! So we just featured your single, “Party Like a Pornstar,” on TSJ recently. Tell me a bit about how that song got put together.

BB: I just really wanted to hit people in the fucking dick man, or in the fucking knockers, with some sort of concept. We got together with a producer named Kris Lorenz, who’s fucking CRAZY! He’s a loud-ass French dude. I had never even met a French person until I worked with him. And it was like my first introduction to the French people and their culture. He’s got this French accent–he’s like a French Arnold Schwarzenegger. [He wanted] to see if he could come up with something that could blow some minds and shit.

So we finally got to the chorus, and we were like… party like a… rock star? Like a circus freak? Like a fucking garbage man? We went through all these things, and then finally we landed on porn star. And he freaked out. He started jumping and saying, “That’s it! That’s it!” You know, honestly, I never thought that we would make a video for that, I never thought we would promote that shit as my first song.

TSJ: It’s a funny video.

BB: Appreciate it! It’s my first video. It’s all new to me, man. I’m just so new to this shit. I hope they don’t take me too seriously.

TSJ: It’s a good little punchline at the end of the video too–with the whole pizza delivery boy porn star setup.

BB: It’s interesting. We never thought it would get the reaction it did from the label heads. I did a session with Tydollasign and he was like, “Yo dude, I gotta get on that fucking shit right now!”And he literally got in the booth and kind of fucking freestyled the whole thing, man. Like YUUH. I was like we should do a video for this, dude. And he was, “Yeah, bro, let’s do it.” And a month later there was a video for it. So funny.

TSJ: So did you shoot the video with any real porn stars?

BB: No, unfortunately we did not. I tried, man, I tried. My homeboy works for a porn company, right. There’s this house that does all this porn shit and it’s really dope and low key and I was literally trying to get in the porn house to do it, I was trying to get porn stars and porn people and the timing just didn’t work out.

TSJ: The women you got in the video were still pretty hot.

BB: It’s fucking ridiculous. It’s fucking funny to me.