The Best Angry Comments from Our April Fools Day Overrated Movies List

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Dear readers, consider yourself pranked. This past Friday was April Fools Day, and we’d be damned if we were going to be left out of the fun. We threw our hat into the prank ring with a completely absurd list of the “most overrated movies of all-time.” In compiling the list, we made sure to include as many beloved classics as possible and pushed the issue by including some of the weakest arguments for these classic films’ status as overrated duds that we could think of.

The results, just as we hoped, inspired a healthy amount of anger and rage in the comments section. To be fair, we didn’t do much to let on that we were, in fact, joking about the list. But if you were an especially observant reader, you may have picked up on the one huge clue we did include, which was the list itself.

Here’s the list again, in the order it was presented. See if you can spot anything that may have indicated that this was all a calculated April Fools prank:

  • Avatar
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Inception
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Fargo
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • On the Waterfront
  • LA Confidential
  • Star Wars

Do you see it? Of course you do. Now you see it. But on Friday, plenty of people didn’t see it, and they let their displeasure with our list be known in the comments section. Here are some of our favorite angry comments.

comment1This was one of the first angry comments that rolled in. A good sign, to be sure, but I wanted to make sure the ball kept rolling, so I decided to chime in with a reply…

commentWe don’t usually make a habit of calling our readers idiots, even if they do toss the word out there first. But we had to make a sacrifice this time in the name of keeping the discussion going.

comment2Well that’s just mean! This was in response to our statement that Star Wars hasn’t aged well, most likely. The part about the author having no idea what he’s talking about is fairly accurate though, most of the time anyway.

comment3To further keep the discussion flowing, I enlisted the help of frequent TSJ contributor Evan Hoovler. He chimed in with this completely nonsensical position that these movies are all overrated because they’re all about white people. Well done, Hoovler.

comment4Come on, Ty, erase the racism buddy. Non-white people have done plenty of significant things for the world. And for the record, here’s a picture of Evan Hoovler.


What a cracker. Let’s see what else people had to say.

comment5No, YOU’RE the touchy douchebag! Just joking. See what I did there? Anyway, unfounded opinions are the very lifeblood of the internet, everyone knows that. Moving on…

comment6WHOA! Now this…I take exception to. The least subtle April Fools joke ever? One site posted a story about Charlie Sheen dying in a skydiving accident. The name of the skydiving company was “Too High To Be True.” dedicated their entire front page to Rebecca Black. But we’re the ones who aren’t being subtle enough? That’s ridiculous.

comment7Right, but see, at some point people migrated and…fuck it. Never mind.

comment8For the record, I’ve never willfully used the word “bro” in my entire life.

comment8 [2]

Really? The Lando Calrissian/Jar Jar Binks argument didn’t make sense? Get right out of town!

comment9It’s “YOU’RE coming off unintelligent.” Boom, you’ve just been issued a ticket by the grammar police.

So there you have it, readers. If you picked up on the fact that this list was just an extremely SUBTLE April Fools prank, bravo to you, and thanks for not spilling the beans. For the rest of you who called us idiots and such, we’ll accept your apologies in the comments section below.