Seven Tips for Ensuring You Score While Traveling


Everyone has that fantasy of traveling and falling in love. Or, every woman has that fantasy, at least. Guys probably tend to fantasize more about the naive young traveler chick who shows up and thinks she’s met her unfulfilled fantasy. Whatever the case, nothing makes a week devoted to rest and relaxation a little bit sweeter than quick and dirty hookup with a fellow traveler or strange local.

Here are some tips from a woman who recently returned from three years traveling to all corners of the globe and had fun “going native” from time to time.

1. Shower


Look, you shouldn’t even need to be told this. Are you trying to contract typhoid or something? There’s a big chasm (which rhymes with…) between being a fit, rugged, traveler-dude and an unshaven, deodorant-lacking backpacking Jesus. We’ve all done it – chosen to go grimy one more day, but just remember when in such close quarters…the stench is magnified. All the pickup lines in the world won’t overcome the fact that the object of your desire now has a crushing stress headache as a result of your foul odor.

And, on that same note…

2. Wash Your Clothes


You like to travel light. That’s why you only brought one pair of jeans and three “distressed” t-shirts with you on your trip. What you didn’t bring was any sense of hygiene related to that swamp aroma now emanating for the seat of those jeans you’ve been camped in for the past week. Fix that shit.

Either do your laundry the people’s way, by going to a laundromat, or check into a hotel that offers free laundry service. You can take care of that shower stuff in a hotel also. Hello, convenience!

3. Become a Tour Guide


Every girl likes a take-charge kind of guy with a modicum of intelligence and a good sense of direction. Here’s an insider secret: tour guides are always single. It’s an unwritten law of travel.

Plus, on every tour, there are bound to be a few solo travelers who need a little “extra” attention. Trust me, this works—I got quite friendly with a few guides during my travels…it’s quick, it’s painless, and in a few days the tour and the relationship is over.

4. Uncover that Hot Bod

jack black

You’re on vacation and hopefully somewhere warm. So you (and the ladies you’re checking out) can wear very little as you laze your day away at the beach. You’re tan. You’re thin. You’re a lean, mean traveling machine. You are all of those things, right?

Don’t be lied to, women care what you look like. We dig a six-pack on a man and I don’t mean the one you have with your Extra Value Meal at lunch everyday at 11am. If you have the abs to show, by all means, show them. You probably worked hard for them, you deserve to be treated like nothing more than eye candy by everyone who looks at you just like any woman does!

5. Seek Out Other Travelers


This is a no-brainer. Sometimes when girls travel they throw caution to the wind (or, if you’re lucky, throw their bikini to the floor). Think girls gone wild. Everyone wants to have a good time and if you find a single girl vacationing with her gal pals chances are a “hook-up” is not far out of reach.

6. What Happens in Crete stays in Crete


There’s an unwritten rule to traveling—relationships, friendly and physical, develop at a much quicker pace. Everyone is in the same boat…the “Love Boat.” Sorry, there was literally no less corny way to word that.

Anyway, some are traveling alone and looking to meet new and interesting people. You meet someone new at the hotel lobby and ten minutes later you’re going out for dinner or beers. Too bad we don’t make friends this easily in “real life.” So take advantage of it – have fun, make a connection and then don’t be afraid to make your move…because by tomorrow you will be moving on…literally.

7. If All Else Fails…


Perhaps you can try being that sweet, likeable, charming, funny guy that you are anyway…no gimmicks, no tricks, no BS. Let the sparks fly.

So, whatever your technique or approach, you are bound to have a good time. Of course, always be a gentleman, always be safe, and, hell, perhaps the two of you may actually get to know one another and find out you really do have a connection and can travel down the “road of life” together forever…