The 10 Most Hilarious Shake Weight Videos on the Internet

Shake Weight

Even though it’s friggin’ freezing outside, the season of sweat is upon us. Yes, the annual New Year’s resolution weight loss freak out is here. To keep you motivated, and amused, we put together this collection of ten of our favorite videos featuring the Shake Weight, that insanely sexualized piece of work out equipment that claims to help you convulse your way to a better figure.

We don’t know how well the Shake Weight actually works, but we do know that these videos will shake your excess flab with laughter.

SNL Shakes It Up

In this Saturday Night Live commercial, the value of viewing sexy, gyrating Shake Weight ladies is fully explored.

Flying Flab

Sometimes extreme measures are needed to get fit. But even double fisting the Shake Weight might not do it for this guy.

South Park Erupts

The explosive possibilities of the Shake Weight come to light when Stan’s mom develops a personal relationship with the device.

DIY Shake Weight

In this amazingly frugal tutorial, “your girl Shaquanda” shows you how to make your own cut rate version of the Shake Weight. As funny as the video is, the funniest part may be the fact that she thinks “dup tape” is an actual thing.

Barkley Goes Blind

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Charles Barkley got hold of the Shake Weight? Even if you haven’t, you’ll think the banter between Sir Charles and his NBA co-commentators is hilarious:

Shake Weight with Added Coolant

What can you do when you get overheated while using your Shake Weight? This customized version with an after-market cooling system may just do the trick.

Shaking a Different Weight

In this clip, you’ll come to understand that the joys of observing a Shake Weight workout are all in the viewing angle.

Work that BJ Muscle

In this cleverly overdubbed version of the original Shake Weight commercial, you’ll hear some honest advice about what this tool can really help you work out.

The Strokemeister!

Find out how to “grow muscles on top of your muscles” in “pumping bursts of fury” with the Shake Weight.

Shake that Shit

The value of using the Shake Weight to get better at mixing up your Snapples and chocolate milk is examined in this very unscientific overdub.

NFL Shake Weight Challenge

And finally, if you actually want to use the Shake Weight to get fit, check out how hard it is for these New York Jets player to go even a few minutes with the device in their clutches.