Viral Outbreak: The Tom Waits and Cookie Monster Mash Up We’ve Been Waiting For


**Update: Tom Waits is releasing new music! Read all about it courtesy of the good people at

Looks like the super excellent video posted below that you should still totally watch might be part of a bigger plan.

To say Tom Waits has a unique voice would be kind of like saying that Rush Limbaugh is sort of an asshole. In other words, it’s a major understatement. A legendary songwriter who finally made his way into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, Waits is rumored to have gained his trademark sandpaper voice by screaming into his pillow repeatedly as a child. As in, he really wanted his voice to sound that way. That’s awesome.

Also awesome, the fact that those efforts resulted in a voice that syncs perfectly with Cookie Monster videos.

And in case anyone is curious, you can check out the actual video for “God’s Away On Business” by Tom Waits right here. We’re still on the fence as to which version is weirder.