This Just In (for the 100th Time): Men Like Hourglass Figures

christina hendricks joan hollowayApparently scientists are bound and determined to drive home the point that men really dig hourglass figures, because it seems like there is a new study on the appeal of Jessica-Rabbit-shaped women every other month. The UK Telegraph reported on the latest of these last week.

Once again, scientists have found that the attribute that attracts men the most strongly to a woman is her hip-to-waist ratio—meaning they like women with waists that go in, and hips that go out (think: Christina Hendricks and Marilyn Monroe). The researchers who conducted this particular study said the ratio that really gets a guy worked up is a waist that measures about 70 percent of the woman’s hips. In addition, the scientists noted that women with this specific hip-to-waist ratio drew men in, regardless of her breast size. Jessica Alba, Marilyn Monroe and Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio were deemed to have the “perfect” body by the men participating in this particular project.

The study also goes into all sorts of detail about how this relates to fertility and the human instinct to pursue a mate who is most likely to deliver healthy offspring….blah, blah, blah. But seriously, hasn’t this research been done to death? We get it. Men like women with bodacious curves. Do we really need scientists to spend time and money investigating something that is glaringly obvious to anyone with a pulse? Actually, the part of this study that we found the most interesting was just a brief afterthought mentioned at the end of the Telegraph article. The scientists also found that women prefer guys with leaner muscle mass, who are even slightly effeminate, to juiced-up Jersey Shore beefcakes. Why? Because the latter generally don’t make “caring and gentle” partners. So forget the gym, guys—a good hairstyle and an arsenal of thoughtful remarks and compliments will get you a lot further with the ladies.