This Exists: People Buy Whale Vomit for a Shit-Ton of Money

Ambergris, also known as WHALE VOMIT, has been used in perfumes for centuries (along with cat piss and skunk stank, FYI).

We have a video about a recent discovery, below. Your ears’ll prick up at this line in the little vid: “A scent highly prized in the production of luxury perfumes. Ambergris can earn thousands of dollars for a single gram, earning it the moniker, ‘floating gold.’”

The reason you care: This particular lump of vomit, or maybe shit (depends) has been a value estimated at £100,000. What the WHAT.

Whale Vomit, AKA Ambergris, AKA “Floating Gold”

Guys wait — I’ll totally give you a deal on my barf. Ten bucks a bag. Seriously. No problemo!

Call me? Like, anytime. Really.

I’m puking right now.