The Best Notes on Bikes Ever

Everyone was all ooh-ing + ahhing over this cute as can be bike note from a repentant bike thief, recently:

How cute is that? The admission and the little they-probably-got-it-free-but-still certificate? It’s awful sweet.

But you know what, Internet? There’s more than one note on a bike to make you swoon.

Behold, the correspondence between “Steven Spielberg” + one Toronto writer, Shari Kasman.

Kasman charted her bicycle note repartee with a certain Mister “Spielberg” on her website, and we’ve excerpted it here for your viewing pleasure.

The story of a girl, her bike, and a famous movie director’s ride:


Steven Spielberg must be visiting Toronto. I found his bike. It’s a blue Raleigh. My bike is the black Rambler beside it. Those are my sneakers. That’s proof that I found Spielberg’s bicycle.


I found Steven Spielberg’s bicycle a couple weeks ago. It could be that it’s not Steven Spielberg’s bicycle, but that it’s just a bicycle named Steven Spielberg. My guess is that it’s actually Steven Spielberg’s bicycle named Steven Spielberg. Spielberg’s probably in Toronto to shoot a film.

Anyhow, I saw Spielberg’s bike again last week, and I saw it again this morning! I wrote a short letter to Spielberg and elasticized it to his bike. It’s true that E.T. was the first movie I ever saw in a cinema, and it’s true that I painted my nails toothpaste green on the weekend.

Here is Spielberg’s bicycle (Steven Spielberg) and the letter attached to it:


I wrote another letter to Steven Spielberg today.

I hope he had a chance to read it before it started to rain. (I don’t think Spielberg would be impressed to find a soggy piece of paper covered in runny ink elasticized to his bicycle.) I figured Steven Spielberg likes astronomy as much as he likes bicycles because of the bicycle-across-the-moon scene in E.T.


Steven Spielberg wrote me a letter! He left it elasticized to his bike this morning. This is what the letter says:

To A Big Fan

I am really enjoying my time in Toronto, thank you. It is a very nice city. You should consider yourself lucky to live here.

I’m glad also that you like E.T. It is definitely the one movie people tend to want to talk to me about (very nostalgic for some I think). Thinking back, I am probably most proud of Raiders of the Lost Ark, though people tend not to want [to talk] about that one as much. Did you hear that George and I are working on a fifth one? Between you and I, let’s hope it’s better than the last one.

I did see the super moon and it was gigantic. I kind of wish we could have the super moon all the time, but I guess we are bound by laws of physics and other space things.

Thanks again for writing & all the best!



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