The 6 Strangest Things to Be Turned Into Art


By Charlie Jones

It’s near impossible to definitely say what is and isn’t art because, just like a typical college freshman, art is constantly changing up and trying new things. Sometimes, most of the time really, the result is downright awful but occasionally an artist manages to find new and impressive ways to express him or herself that not only look nice but also make you think about the essence of art itself. So while assholes like Van Gogh or Picasso stuck to boring old paints and canvases, modern artists have been creating their masterpieces using…

6. Kisses


Copyright: Natalie Irish

If art really is the expression of feelings and emotions then Natalie Irish may have found the most perfect way to convey her passion for art that doesn’t involve drilling a hole in a painting and physically making love to it.

In her work, Irish uses her own lips covered in lipstick to lovingly French her subjects onto the canvas. With each smooch, she creates a collage of lipstick marks which come together to form portraits of celebrities of days past like Marilyn Monroe, Jimmie Hendrix and the like. Her techniques might be unorthodox but they make for stunningly beautiful paintings, not to mention a fantastic excuse for making out with pictures of famous people without looking like a total weirdo.

5. Coffee Stains

Copyright: Hong Yi

Have you ever carelessly left a coffee mug on the table only for it to leave a stain and make your wife/mother burn all of your clothes on the front lawn as punishment? Well, a similar thing must have happened to Hong Yi, only instead of losing all of her wardrobe, the young artist came up with the idea for a coffee stain portrait of Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

Similarly to Natalie Irish’s kiss paintings, Hong used numerous pressings of a coffee mug to make a sepia collage of her favorite performer, making it look like an old timey photograph. Though I’m pretty sure Instagram does the same thing and doesn’t require you to waste 12 hours and gallons of good coffee on it. I bet Hong felt pretty embarrassed when someone pointed that out to her.

4. Toast

Copyright: MAMBA

This picture of a toaster made out of actual toasts is probably the best example of “meta” art until someone paints a picture of Donald Trump with spoiled pig feces.

The Toaster—now part of the Modern Art Museum of Buenos Aires—is an exhibit consisting of 2,500 pieces of toast, measures 5m in height and is here to remind us that art, perhaps, can be found in the most mundane, everyday things. It’s either that or a commentary on nuclear weapons, I don’t know.

3. Bowling Balls

Copyright: Eddy Sykes

Have you ever wondered what happens to old bowling balls? The answer, obviously, is that they become books. Eddy Sykes is an artist who collects used bowling balls and handcrafts them into faux-books because it’s apparently cheaper than going to a shrink. According to Sykes, the balls represent his blue-collar upbringing and carving them into books is a metaphor for his escape into the world of books and scholarly pursuit.

Good for Sykes for finding such an impressive way to recycle old bowling balls which admittedly can’t really be used for anything other than their intended purpose. Although, if you painted a few of them as soccer balls and left them around town they could make for an awesome April Fools prank. But Sykes’ idea is just as good.

2. Packing Tape


Copyright: Max Zorn

To most of us, translucent packing tape is nothing more than a common office supply that can occasionally be used to attach Bob’s stupid chair to the ceiling because that was MY FUCKING SANDWICH, BOB, AND YOU KNEW IT! But to the Dutch artist Max Zorn, packing tape is the sole medium of his series of stunningly detailed, movie-themed paintings… eh, I mean… tape-ings(?)

Looking at Zorn’s works it’s almost impossible to believe. The amount of detail and the intricate light & shadow effects point more towards computer graphics but are in fact just layers and layers of brown tape and some scalpel work. Hopefully Zorn will now be able to cash in on his fame and finally be able to afford some paints and brushes for his next art project.

1. Rubik’s Cubes

Copyright: Pete Fecteau

The above, pixelated picture of a mutated, 3-headed Martin Luther King Jr. is actually a real life installation made from over 4,000 Rubik’s Cubes, standing at nearly 6m tall and weighing in at over 1,000 pounds. This art piece is the work of American Pete Fecteau, who allegedly got the idea for it from his dream. Thankfully he left out the parts where it turns out that Dr. King is only wearing his underwear at a test he didn’t prepare for.

The project is said to have taken more than 40 hours of precise Rubik’s Cube positioning to complete but you have to wonder… Why didn’t Fecteau just peel off the colors and reassemble them in the right order like all normal people do?