The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

I KNOW THE GAMES DON’T COUNT IN THE STANDINGS, and or in rosters of full of future arena and Canadian football league players, but seeing as we’re at the midway point of the NFL preseason let’s take a look at its best aspects.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

It’s been six long football-less months since the Super Bowl and we football fans are ravenous for anything related to the sport. So to see a game, an actual game–no more talk about practice and drills and conditioning–is a sight for sore eyes each and every August.

Sure, football is not the type of game that people can play all year, we fans get that, but we also miss it. We miss it bad. And they only play 16 games a year. Those extra four games in preseason are so needed to help fuel the desire for bone-crushing hits, acrobatic catches, punishing blocks, and touchdowns, touchdowns, touchdowns.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

No matter who you cheer for during the preseason, everyone has a chance—at least theoretically.

Every team in the league has a perfect record. Half of them won’t be able to say that after week one.

It doesn’t matter what happened last year, or the last five or 10 years, this could be your team’s year.

And unless there is an injury to a key player, or you’re a uncompromising pessimist, there’s no reason to think your team can’t get it done this year. Even if the go 0-4 in preseason you can always brush that off as “just preseason.”

Of course if they go 4-0, you might have to do some trash talking.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

I know the NFL likes to pretend that folks don’t gamble on football, or those that do only do it through State-sanctioned lotteries or casinos.

But the fact is tons people, like a shitload, like nearly all of us football fans, bet on football.

Whether in a bar pick ‘em pool, or a fantasy league, there is good money to be made watching football.

So it behooves the dedicated gambler… err fan… to evaluate the players and teams heading into the season and fantasy league drafts.

What better venue for said evaluation than the preseason when coaches and general managers are doing the same damn thing—except not the gambling I hope.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

I know that when the season starts it doesn’t make sense to have teams getting different numbers of days off between games, and that the expanded preseason rosters allow for more games in fewer nights without injury risks.

Not to mention that there are rules against playing on Friday and Saturday so as not to step on the toes of high school and college players.

But damn if football almost every night ain’t awesome. It can’t happen in the regular season but am I ever happy they do it for the preseason.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

It’s not only been six months since we’ve seen NFL football, but it’s been six months since we’ve seen NFL cheerleaders.

And every cheer squad goes through changes in the off-season, too.

There’ll be some new faces, new uniforms, and new cheers to get us fans fired up—cheerleaders can be as important to fan morale as the team’s play.

Not only do they boost morale, but they are ambassadors for your team, so obviously it is important to get a look at them in the preseason and make sure they are shaping up for the upcoming season.

It’s a tough job, but it’s an important part of being a fan.


The 6 Best Things About Preseason Football

I think I might have mentioned this one already, but it bears repeating: It’s football!

The long wait of the off-season is over, preseason may not count but you can still get together with some buddies and down a few cold ones and watch some guys score some touchdowns.

Doesn’t get any better than that.

Remember football only comes once a year, and lasts only 17 weeks, so enjoy it, soak it up, even the preseason.

Because before you know it, it’ll be February and the Super Bowl will be over and football will disappear for six months again.