The 5 Worst Presidential Blunders

It is inevitable that any president will attempt one or two silly things that they will eventually regret for the rest of their time in office.

This one nearly made Mitt Romney President.

However, the truth is that despite everything Fox News tells you, President Obama has done a relatively good job at avoiding scandals or committing blunders so devastating that rewrite history like a Terminator. The following presidents, however, were not so lucky.

Submitted for your consideration are some of the most devastating executive decisions of all time.

5. Hurricane Katrina

We know what you are thinking: What’s an article about Presidential blunders like without this picture?

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

You don’t even need to use a meme generator.

Yes, the War in Iraq was like a great, big vacuum that sucked for everyone, but we have a hard time believing that this photo marked the downfall of George W. Bush when you consider that he won reelection one year later.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

That, or he just did an even better job stealing it.

However, much like the Wizard of Oz, George W. Bush’s entire administration was based on the image of him somehow being a strong leadership despite to the worst terrorist attack in history occurring under his watch. How long was Bush able to keep up this charade? About four years, because once Hurricane Katrina came along, the entire planet learned the hard way that the man behind the curtain was, well, the same dumbass that SNL and The Daily Show had been warning us about this entire time.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Seriously, what was this man’s problem with being photographed?

4. The Lewinsky Scandal

How devastating was President Clinton’s totally un-nonexistent sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky? It’s honestly tough to gauge because the fallout from the scandal and his subsequent impeachment ended up rising Clinton to his highest levels of popularity.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Interestingly, this graphic doubles for cigar sales.

However, if you remove the Lewinsky scandal from Clinton’s record, it’s hard to view his presidency as boasting anything other than the single most successful second term in U.S. history. How would this have played out in the 2000 election? You’re guess is as good as ours, but we’re thinking it would have provided Gore with some serious breathing room for extra sighing.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

On the downside, Joe Lieberman might be president right now instead of Obama.

3. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident

We don’t know what’s most disappointing: that the Vietnam War played out the way it did or that President Lyndon Johnson’s primary reason for escalating the war was as made up as Santa Claus.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Pictured: WAR!

Yes, there have been rumors about that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was total BS, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the public learned that it was “deliberately skewed” to inject some adrenaline into the war effort. The result: nearly 60,000 Americans dead, more than 300,000 wounded, and even larger number psychologically scarred for life, and several million southeast Asians killed or wounded.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Also, those two people who died at Woodstock.

2. Watergate

Oh man… Richard Nixon. Where do we start with this one?

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time


For starters, Nixon would have probably gone down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time if it was not for his obsession that people like Richard Nixon where constantly out to get him. Secondly, did he really need to break in to the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate? Nixon’s reelection played out like the pretty sure thing in 1972 even without his “plumbers” succeeding at his job.


5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Seriously, the US was one big red-state back then.

It’s nothing short of staggering that Nixon was so insecure that he was willing to risk his entire presidency just to wipe out that lone blue state as if it was a damned spot on his hand.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

If only Shakespeare could have met the guy.

1. James Buchanan more or less lets the Civil War happen

You would think that having several states secede from the Union and equip themselves with stolen federal funds and arms would have resulted to some kind of 19th-century equivalent to a red light blinking in the White House. Well, not for James Buchanan, the fifteenth President of the United States and Abraham Lincoln’s predecessor.

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

Here he is, trying as hard as he can to look like an ostrich.

How disastrous was James Buchanan’s last few months as President? Like this: He claimed that secession was illegal, he added that there was nothing he could do to stop it as President. This robbed the federal government of countless opportunities to mitigate the Civil War at its earliest months, allowing the South to grow stronger with each passing day by seizing gold from national banks and weapons from federal arsenals. Literally hundreds of thousands of American lives could have been spared if Buchanan had simply done his job instead of introducing himself at parties as “the last president of the United States.”

5 Most Devastating Presidential Blunders of All Time

If this picture was more accurate, he would be pissing on the Constitution.


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