Ten Incredible Videos of Referee Abuse

nfl ref
Lately, a lot of attention has been given to the new rules designed to protect NFL quarterbacks. But you know who else needs a little more protection? The refs. They’re the only ones on the field without any pads, so when a defenseless zebra gets clobbered by a massive stampeding linebacker, he really feels it.

As you’ll see in these amazingly violent clips, pro football stripers aren’t the only ones getting abused. These videos will have you wondering if two-legged zebras may soon become an endangered species.

Move, Bitch! Get Out the Way!

While nobody would ever admit to it, players often use refs as impromptu blockers. In this clip from a Steelers-Vikings game, a slow-moving ref is the victim of the same illegal block in the back that he’s probably flagged hundreds of players for. Revenge, it’s a dish best served as an involuntary face plant.

There Will Be Blood

If you think being an NFL ref isn’t a contact sport, check out the gusher that results from this take down. Laugh all you want when he hits the ground, but you have to hand it to him for staying in the game with a face full of blood. That’s pretty bad ass.

He Doesn’t Get Paid Enough for this Shit

It’s bad enough that a touchdown celebration turns into a brutal crotch shot for this ref. Even worse is the fact that this is an Arena League game. The $6.43/hour he earned for his time isn’t nearly worth this kind of nut trauma.

He’s Fallen…and He Can’t Get Up!

In this high school game, you can hear a woman in the stands very concerned after this ref gets sacked. That doesn’t stop one cold-blooded YouTube commenter from weighing in with the obvious…ALL SENIOR CITIZENS SHOULD HAVE LIFE ALERT.

This Is Why Old People Don’t Want Kids On Their Lawn

In this hard to believe clip and story, “A high school referee claims he was run over by an out-of-control two-year-old driving a golf cart.”

And Now, From the World of “Football”

In this Australian “football” match, a ref gets jacked not once, but twice. In the players’ defense, he is wearing pink. He totally had it coming.

He Hated LeBron Years Before the Rest of the World

After LeBron James takes down the ref, the announcers give the whistle blower lots of props for popping right back up.

Let’s Get Ready to Tumble!

In this boxing match, the ref takes it on the chin a lot worse than either of the fighters do. The only thing that surprises us about this is that it doesn’t happen way more often.

Since When Is This Illegal?

In this incredibly disturbing clip from a pro hoops game in Uruguay, a player sucker punches the ref after what he thinks is a bad call. It’s pretty horrifying, but he recovered. So feel free to laugh at the impromptu medical attention he receives from the other team near the end of the clip.

Even More Evidence that Teens are Total Dicks

In a move that’s sure to score major points with college recruiters all across the country (sarcasm alert!), the asshole teen in this video reacts to being ejected from high school basketball game by body slamming the ref who tossed him.