Power Rankings: 10 Sports Stories That Were Upstaged By Their Caddy This Week


It was less than three years ago that Tiger Woods was on top of the world. Supermodel wife, untold amounts of money, he had his own video game. He was living every guy’s dream.

Now his caddy is more successful than he is.

There have been a lot of improbable success stories in sports lately, namely Josh Hamilton and Jose Bautista come to mind. Except with Tiger, it’s the complete opposite of their stories. Everything bad that can happen to him has and everyone seems to enjoy it.

When he fired his caddy, Steve Williams, men split off into Team Steve and Team Tiger, except everyone was on Team Steve. So Tiger made another comeback of sorts this weekend, except with Williams caddying for Adam Scott. It was almost like “Precious” where someone was like, “hey, how much bad stuff can we make happen to this one person and still have it be sort of believable?” You almost knew Scott was going to win. He had to. Because it would have been the worst outcome for Tiger.

On the bright side for Tiger, he might get nominated for an Oscar. But that’s about it.

Here are ten sports stories of the week upstaged by their caddy (click each pic to read the full story).

1. Tiger loses, Steve wins…


What’s next? Steve Williams PGA Caddy ’12 on Xbox? Good god I hope so.

2. A-Rod might go to crazy poker and coke parties with DiCaprio and Damon…


A-Rod is The Most Interesting Douche in the World.

3. LeBron not going overseas to play…


At least until he can see where all the other good players are going so he can join them.

4. Tim Tebow might suck…


This all depends on how much you value athletic skill versus the ability to be good at sports based solely on religious beliefs.

5. Sean Avery arrested for pushing cop…


The cop was probably trying to distract him by waving his nightstick in front of his face, so it was well-deserved.

6. Deion Sanders inducted into the Hall of Fame…


Unfortunately it wasn’t broadcast in Prime Time since no one actually cares about the NFL Hall of Fame.

7. Real Madrid signs a 7-year old…


They had to make sure the contract wasn’t in cursive.

8. Michael Beasley kind of hits fan…


In his defense, he’s pretty much always high. This is going to be a great lockout.

9. Joe Paterno breaks his shoulder, hip…


You know what you can’t break? His spirit. And his Social Security card. It’s chiseled in stone.

10. Deer antler spray banned by baseball…


The Pirates immediately went on a 10-game losing streak. Coincidence?