Power Rankings: 10 Certifiably Insane Sports Stories of the Past Week

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The first week of summer. The first week without basketball or hockey and for many the first week they realized football is probably not happening this year.

So with all these new beginnings that summer seems to bring (also, tank tops, lots of tank tops in summer), it also brought out the crazy in just about everyone.

With baseball ready to seize the nation’s attention, pretty much nothing notable happened. But a bunch of crazy people did a bunch of crazy things.

Maybe it’s the heat getting to everyone. Or maybe it’s that athlete’s all of the sudden have way too much free time on their hands and have no one around them to tell them not to be crazy.

And sure enough, the A-listers came out. Ron Artest, Terrell Owens and Josh Hamilton all made news this week. Even one of the most storied baseball franchises can’t pay Manny Ramirez, getting him in the mix.

Here are the certifiably insane stories of the week (click each pic to read the whole story).

1. Ron Artest changes his name to Metta World Peace…


This is just confirming what we already knew, that Detroit is not covered in the whole world peace thing.

2. Josh Hamilton says blue eyes hurting his hitting in the day…


He also said years of hard drug use are hurting his hitting at night.

3. Terrell Owens tears his ACL…


Supposedly it happed on the reality show, “Single Ladies.” Uh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

4. Dodgers file for bankruptcy…


Their top creditor is Manny Ramirez at almost $21 million. Once he gets paid he can afford to be the most fertile woman in the world.

5. Kyrie Irving goes first overall to the Cavs…


Reportedly he’s already started looking in thesauruses for other words for “decision.”

6. Williams sisters eliminated from Wimbledon on the same day…


What are the chances of that? They probably called each other and planned it ahead of time.

7. Scott Pippen now says Michael Jordan was the greatest…


Meanwhile, Michael Jordan says, “$50,000 on black.”

8. Corey Perry named NHL MVP…


He was also named Guy We Didn’t Know Existed by all of the United States.

9. John Wall tried to throw a first pitch…


Someone should teach him how to throw like Dougie Davis at least.

10. Soccer stuff happening…


As far as I know, they’re still not using their hands, which is all I needed to know.