Power Rankings: 10 Sports Stories That United America In Hatred


On Sunday, America rejoiced. Despite being heavy favorites, the Miami Heat didn’t win the NBA Title, falling to the underdog Dallas Mavericks.

After controversially signing with the Heat in the offseason, joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form what many assumed to be an unstoppable force and surefire champions, Juwan Howard leaves this year ringless.

Howard disappeared throughout much of the series, hardly making his presence felt and drew much criticism. How Howard will respond to the criticism and what changes will be made to the Heat are sure to dog him all summer. With a potential lockout approaching, this might have been Howard’s best shot at winning a title. But in a year of upcoming uncertainty in sports, for this one moment, we united over the failure of a single man to win a championship.

Here are other stories that united America in hatred (click the picture to read more from each story).

1. Mavs Win the NBA Title


It proves that with an owner with billions of dollars and one of the best players ever, anyone can achieve their dream.

2. LeBron Scores 18 Points in the 4th Quarter in Six NBA Finals Games

lebron [2]

On the bright side, the Heimlich Maneuver offered him an endorsement deal.

3. Mark Cuban Tweets Awesome Photo, Says He Slept with the Trophy, Pays for Dallas’ Victory Parade


It just goes to show you, one of the most outspoken, rich, man-childs in the world becomes Tom Hanks compared to LeBron.

4. LeBron and Wade Mock Dirk Nowitski by Faking Sick


After all the acting and pratfalls we’ve seen from them in the playoffs, this was a notably subpar performance.

5. Ozzie Guillen and Sean Penn Feud Over Hugo Chavez


Both immediately become frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination.

6. The Belmont Stakes Happened


Heavy favorite Animal Kingdom really LeBroned this one, finishing out of the money.

7. Rashard Lewis Allegedly Slept with LeBron’s Girlfriend


LeBron is the Michael Jordan of NBA players sleeping with his family/fiance rumors.

8. Stanley Cup Finals Go to Game 7


Americans wonder if this will finally be the last game in the series.

9. Terrelle Pryor Wants to Play in the NFL, Not the CFL


Mostly for the better exchange rate on tattoos.

10. LeBron May or May Not Have an Unusual Number of Toes


This might help explain how easily he walked all over Cleveland’s souls.