Spanking Classic

true spanking stories volume one coverWe get a lot of interesting things in the mail here at The Smoking Jacket, including many, many hilarious books, the vast majority of which are accompanied by very entertaining press releases. For example, we recently received True Spanking Stories, Volume I, a book that is about, well, exactly what the title says—spanking.

According to the press release that came with the book, True Spanking Stories, Volume I has been called (by whom, it doesn’t say) a “must-have for spankos,” “a spanking classic” and—our favorite—”the second-most important spanking book in the last 20 years.” This of course begs the question: What is the first-most important spanking book in the last 20 years? (Incidentally, we Googled “first-most important spanking book in the last 20 years” and all we got was a gangload of crap about whether or not it’s okay to spank your kids. Yawn! So, sadly, the book that somehow managed to edge out True Spanking Stories, Volume I from the number-one spot remains one of life’s great unsolved mysteries.)

Edited by “Sasha Cave,” True Spanking Stories, Volume I features an impressive number of personal accounts, and its table of contents reads like the shrimp monologue from Forrest Gump: Sweet Sixteen Birthday Spanking, College Girl’s Birthday Spanking, Spankings with a Scottish Tawse (we didn’t know what that was either), Absent-minded Spanking Dad (described in the press release as “hilarious!”), Amazed to See Parking Lot Spanking from His Pickup Truck (seriously—that’s the title—we didn’t just make that one up), Spanked at the Department Store, Spanked in the Park and at the Beach (yup—the park AND the beach), Spanked in Great Britain, Carly Simon’s Spanking Solution (huh?)…. the list goes on and on. Folks are getting spanked everywhere, all over the globe, and they like it—even Carly Simon. We’re most intrigued by “Absent-minded Spanking Dad.” How does that one go? “Come here you naughty little girl…. THWAP! You’ve been very, very bad… heeeeeey, where did I put my keys?”

Spankos can buy the book on Amazon, and when they’re done with that one, they can check out True Spanking Stories, Volume 2, which is already out and available digitally. It’s probably, like, the third-most important spanking book in the last 20 years, so obviously, you don’t want to miss out.