Social Networking is Making Us Slutty

facebook-sexAh, technology—it may be turning us into a bunch of loose tramps… well, according to a new study, anyway. In a survey conducted by Shape magazine and Men’s Fitness magazine, nearly four out of five women, and three out of five men, said they believe that texting, Facebook and other social networking tools cause people to hop into the sack more quickly. The survey yielded a litany of statistics (70 percent of women and 63 percent of men use Google and online search tools to screen potential dates; 81 percent of all respondents said they won’t defriend an ex on Facebook; 75 percent of respondents admitted to constantly checking a former sweetheart’s Facebook page; etc.), however, none of them explain WHY texting and social networking lead people to have sex sooner.

Most men are ready to jump in the sack immediately, so we really don’t think they should have been included in this survey in the first place, but as far as women are concerned, we are confused. Are we to presume that because of Google and Facebook, girls everywhere are ready to give it up at the drop of a hat? Why? Because they can Google a guy and discover his deepest, darkest secrets? And what does looking at your ex’s Facebook page have to do with anything? Does a girl see her ex engaging in flirtatious banter on his Facebook wall and think, “I’ll show that asshole—tonight I’m going to go out and have casual sex with someone I barely know?” Because if so, single guys everywhere owe Mark Zuckerberg a debt of gratitude.