A Sex Guide for the Guy Who Thinks He Doesn’t Need It

If you’re thinking a DVD sex guide is something you would—psh!—never need, then you’re probably the exact guy who needs something of this sort.

The twentysomething guys and gals of H-Spot worked together to come up with an edgy, innovative and extremely hot new type of sex guide for folks just like them. Behold: How Players Do It, a DVD instructional guide to having better sex for the modern dude.

How Players Do It: Official Trailer from H Spot Life on Vimeo.

Though it may have an unfortunate name that sounds more like a pimp guide sponsored by eHow, the video guide has a lot of surprises in its chapters that break down how to really please a woman, from beginning to end. Featuring porn stars and some hilarious commentary from a player and woman-on-the-street interviews, the DVD keeps up the pace with lots of good advice and lots of uncensored, yet tasteful, sex demonstrations. You get firsthand advice and demonstrations from women on how to approach things like oral sex, getting her interested, boobs and the dirty deed itself. Why read an outdated book written by a geek when you get a play-by-play from hot girls themselves (that also happens to be sexy as hell)?

[hSpot, $18]