Sex Doll Grenade

guidette_love_dollIf you’re Snookin’ for love in all the wrong places, then we’ve got just the “frickin’ whore from the Jersey Shore” for you (their words, not ours): The Guidette Love Doll. Described as a “pudgy porker” and a “filthy lil’ pot-belly pig who loves balls on her chin more than the all-you-can-eat-buffet,” (admit it—you’re totally aroused), this is one major grenade of a blow-up doll. We’re guessing that even The Situation would pass on this inflatable guidette…. well, probably not.

Admittedly, a sex doll based on the characters from MTV’s Jersey Shore does make sense in many ways. She is about the same height as your average blow-up doll, she’s got air for brains, she looks like she’s made of plastic and she has a tendency to get used as a punching bag. But still, was there really a demand for this item? Given what we’ve seen on Jersey Shore, it seems relatively easy to get laid by a guidette. A little fist pump action, some light creepin’ and a crap-load of alcohol and you’re in like Flynn! Who needs a sex doll when you can get the real thing with minimal effort?

Also, it’s never a good sign when the model on the doll’s box is 900 times more attractive than the actual girl we “suspect” this thing might be based on. Just sayin’.