Seven Items that Should Be Lined With Fur So Guys Know Not to Use Them


2011 has gotten off to a grand start. With winter storms sweeping the entire country, little else is on the minds of most. Probably the most coveted item in anyone’s possession is their winter coat, and with people so bundled up, it’s hard to tell who they are or whether they’re male or female. Fortunately, fashion has a solution or two…

coat diagramFirst, a ladies’ coat has a cinched waist. Second, unless you live in the frozen tundra where permafrost is a concern, usually just ladies’ coats have a fur-lined hood and cuffs. This is really helpful to guys because we immediately know whether or not to dog-cuss the person who just took our seat on the train or bus. If it’s a lady, we’ll just gesture towards the seat to look chivalrous, but if it’s a dude, we’re having words.

This notion got us to thinking, what if other seemingly androgynous or unisex items were lined with fur to clear up any mystery about whether it’s okay for a guy to use them?

1. The Volkswagen Beetle
2. The Shake Weight
3. Sketchers Shape-Ups
4. Herbal Essences
5. Capri Cigarettes
6. The Wii
7. Pat from Saturday Night Live