RELAX — Take a Break, Already!

RELAX -- Take a Break, Already!

It can be tough to compete with the folks who keep telling us how they worked all night and never sleep and always recycle and only buy organic and it’s really stressful working at the NY Times and they remembered to invest BLA BLA BLA. Some of us might not be workaholics okay!

But guess what? More and more data proves (with science) that taking breaks doesn’t make us slackers, it makes us waaay more efficient. Duh. THAT’S why we don’t have to work around the clock at the NY Times like some people.

Before you proceed to the infographic, check out the have a break KitKat commercial spoof, because it’s funny, and you haven’t used up your allotted 5 minutes of every hour relax time yet, bra.

Okay, now proceed to the infographic.

Take a Break!