Humiliating Wedding Proposal Rejections


Valentines’s Day is just around the corner. You know what that means. Yep, lots of retailers are going to enjoy a cash windfall thanks to a completely manufactured “holiday.”

But it also means that, all around the country, men will be hatching elaborate wedding proposal schemes to launch on their significant other. A lot of those women will excitedly say “yes.” But it’s a sad but true part of life that, sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. So, some of those women will also say no.

We’re all about the love here at TSJ, so if you’re planning to propose, we sincerely hope you get the answer you’re looking for. But if you don’t, we humbly request that you at least have a camera rolling so your epic failure can be uploaded to the internet and shared with the world.

Here are seven of the best and most humiliating wedding proposal rejection videos from around the internet…

NBA Action: It’s Fantastic?

You know how sometimes you’ll be watching a basketball game and the announcer will say something like “he’s hit his last 167 free throws without a single miss” and then the player immediately misses? It’s like the announcer jinxed him or something.

Well, that’s exactly what happens here, except with a half court wedding proposal instead of a free throw.

Double Humiliation

What is it with basketball games and marriage proposals? Are these chicks holding out for a power forward to sweep them off their feet or something?

Anyway, as if it’s not embarrassing enough to have your proposal rejection broadcast on the local news, this dude had to go to the extra hassle of putting on that ridiculous costume just to make it happen.

Don’t Forget Your Ball!

Here we go again, another basketball proposal. How many people do you think yell out “rejected!” after this shit happens? We certainly would.

This lady scores extra points for making sure the arena employee who ushers her off the court and away from the man she’s just destroyed goes back to get that souvenir basketball she apparently won. Makes sense. You would totally want something to serve as a reminder of a moment like this.

Consider Yourself Lucky, Dude

Judging from this woman’s reaction to being proposed to, we say this guy totally dodged a bullet. And by “bullet” we mean “future psycho ex-wife.”

Is it Because Hockey Sucks?

In this lady’s defense, you’d be hard pressed to get us to settle down with someone who watches hockey also. How fucking boring is that sport?

We Think She Said No

The video title says this is a rejected wedding proposal. And the guy’s reaction seems to indicate that’s the case. But damn if we can tell for sure thanks to the incessant cackling emanating from some chick in the background. Christ almighty, lady, he’s got a microphone and we still can’t hear a fucking word. How about toning it down a bit, chuckles?

Ummm. Do You Wanna. Ummm. Get Married?

Seeing as how this one happened on a talk show of some sort, we fully accept that it might be fake. Truth be told, we hope it is fake, because this shit is awfully hard to watch. Sack up, dude! They can smell your fear!